Google Assistant on Over 100 Million Devices, as DeepMind AI Develops an Imagination

Google Assistant is a little over a year old now and it has already proven to be one of the best artificial intelligent assistants out there today. In fact, Assistant is now


Meg Whitman Leaves HP Board, Chip Bergh Named Chairman

Meg Whitman stepped down as chairman and left the board of HP Inc., further distancing her corporate-computing company from the PC and printer businesses it split off in 2015. Whitman, who is


China villagers launch Dutch court bid to retrieve mummy

Chinese villagers are taking their fight to retrieve an allegedly stolen 1,000-year-old mummified monk to a Dutch court on Friday. The monk’s remains, which are inside a Buddha statue, were


Liu Xiaobo: Chinese dissident cremated in private ceremony

Chinese activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo has been cremated in a private ceremony in the north-eastern city of Shenyang. His ashes were later scattered in the sea,


Tony Blair says EU could compromise on freedom of movement

Some EU leaders may be prepared to compromise on the free movement of people to help Britain stay in the single market, Tony Blair has said. He told the Today


Poland MPs back controversial judiciary bill

Poland’s parliament has approved a bill to give MPs and the justice minister the power to appoint judges without consulting judicial circles. Opposition parties and human rights groups say this


A Peruvian billionaire contracted a world-famous design firm to remake his country’s private school system, and the results are stunning

In Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor’s home country of Peru, education is lagging . The billionaire businessman wanted middle-class kids to have an alternative between pricey private schools and destitute public schools, but no option


After Snapdeal rejects Flipkart’s offer, it may merge with Infibeam and form a $2 billion company

In the latest development, Snapdeal may merge with Infibeam, which is India’s only publicly listed e-commerce company. As per various reports, Infibeam is in talks with Snapdeal for possible merger talks and has


Idaho news station apologizes for using photo of Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson in unrelated bank robbery story

An local CBS news affiliate in Idaho has issued a public apology to Black Lives Matter activist and educator DeRay McKesson after the station used a photo of McKesson in an unrelated


The VC firm that orchestrated the ousting of Uber’s CEO wants to sell some of its stake

Silicon Valley venture capital firm Benchmark is in talks with SoftBank about selling some of its shares in Uber, according to a Bloomberg report on Friday . Benchmark led the effort to replace